| Human-oriented Innovation
Botem RBRF Technology

0.5Mhz Multipolar RF

– Invented with BOTEM RF Software Program

– Bipolar RF Energy – No sparks, No plate

– 0.5Mhz focused & stabilized RF wavelength

World’s 1st Patch-type RF

Patch-type RF applicator

– 0.3Mhz high Radio Frequency energy

– Pain relief care with patch-type of RF applicator

– Patch made of allergy-free and safe silicon rubber

Botem Vacuum Technology

600mmHg Suction

– Up to 600mmHg Powerful Suction System

– Endermology for non-invasive lipolysis effect

– Stimulation of the body with increased circulation

Comprehensive LED Therapy

Blue/Red LED Light

– 430nm~630nm stabilized LED wavelength

– Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Repair

– Non-invasive and UV-free safe LED system