The R.face is a face exclusive beauty massager equipped with 0.5Mhz radio frequency and LED technology. It delivers RF energy to the skin dermis through six RF electrodes with a gentle vibration to activate the skin cells and promote collagen generation. The blue and red LED light helps skin tightening and calming respectively.


0.5 MHz digital Radio Frequency deeply penetrates the skin and permeates to the target tissues, heating it up and stimulating collagen production through the activation of the skin cells

RF Penetration

• Skin rejuvenation
• Skin tone improvement
• Collagen production
• Blood circulation
• Lymphatic drainage

Collagen Production

• Improvement of lines
• Skin texture elasticity
• Sagginess improvement
• Collagen production
• Skin tightening & lifting

LED Calming Therapy

• Pore minimization
• Acne & Skin troubles care
• Skin calming & relaxation
• Post skincare treatment
• Anti-aging treatment

R.face Real Reviews 

*This is for the demonstration purpose only. The expected result may vary according to the time span and individual’s conditions

Penetrating Technology of the
0.5 Mhz High Radio Frequency

The radiofrequency energy flows through the skin with the purpose of heating the dermis and hypodermis layers. The heat promotes the production of collagen fibres which are the main proteins in the skin responsible for skin elasticity and resilience, thereby improving skin laxity, sagginess, and texture.

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Smart Time Setting

Adjustable treatment duration from minimum 5 minutes up to 30 minutes at maximum.

User-friendly Operation

Easy operation on touch screen panel


LED Therapy Care

Effective LED therapy as a post-care treatment with 2 stabilized colors of the LED waves

2 types of LED Mode

Adjustable LED mode for different skin condition

User’s Manual & Massage Guide

User’s Manual

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Massage Manual

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User’s Tip

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Radio-frequency Skincare

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